Mover b​/​w Coated

by Loji

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released May 22, 2015

All songs written, produced, recorded, and mastered by Marko Cindric and Sam Earle. Cover artwork designed by Marko Cindric.



all rights reserved


Loji Toronto, Ontario

Marko Cindric + Sam Earle

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Track Name: Mover
I'm running through your cycle, your cylinder
Thought I would invite you too
'Cause I'm stuck in a million different frames
But at least it's an experience

I could be your ashtray, your backspace
Carpeting your floor
With the last of your last legs
Making it a chore for the two of us
For the two of us

I can't stop myself from starting again
And this time I really want the spinning to win
You can't shake this jungle out from under your skin
But it feels so good to watch you wind through it

Don't break
Under the weight of it
No time
Could show you the taste of it
And all your days alone
Looking at pavement

Don't break under me
Whatever you want
Already done

Don't stake anything
Just take it at once
Your own little run

I'm ripped out of your blank page, baby
No lips on this cliff I'm skating
Down, don't switch for me now
Another belly with your lips on the ground
I wanna find you in a big summer house
A cat and manual with tips on your mouth
The types of monuments, your tips coming out
You're monumental and I live with you now

'Cause I've been looking at your world
From miles and miles away
And all the while you smiled and laughed
And now you walked away
And all the paths that I have seen
Have hardly paved the way
And all the time that it has turned
You've hardly burned away

I want a woman with her lips on her mouth
I want a body with the kids coming out
I wanna find you in a big summer house
I wanna make you 'til the rain's coming down

You're an animal
You're a cannibal
In a grid location
You're more, you're manifold
You're many more, many more, you
I do it for you
No rings on this gold location
Don't sign off on my vocation
Rough and ready for your old broke cell
Started digging but the hole broke down

And I don't wanna see you on your throne
With me alone
I kind of want to tell you what I'm on
It's me alone
Breaking all the ripe ones, the right turn with me
Love the way the night burns when life hurts heavy

I want a woman with her lips on her mouth
I want a body with the kids coming out
I wanna find you in a big summer house
I want a woman with her lips on her mouth
Track Name: Coated
You're the one thing I only wish I wanted
You can have it if you line up at the door
The feeling's over before it has even started
I give you something, leave you wanting something more

The sand is running in the dark now
Hear you calling
Following the trail as you feel me holding on you
The wrong fuel

The simple swallowing to start and I feel you waiting
Shed myself and crouch so I don’t have to speak
As it reaches I reject and we both go stiff
In a moment this is everything you wanted

Come home, keep bringing me back to life
Won’t, stop wringing my back tonight
All your friends are escaping
Why not, come look at me, face me

This is my lockdown I send for you
Embalmed with the letters above
I’m pushing to bottle this empty love
This current that I couldn't trust
Make for the waves let me bend this sight
I’m still in your lines when we part
Tugged down from this moment that never passed
This terror that stifled the rush

I'll never know with my back turned to you
That your baby’s feeling restless
Had a hole that I neglected
From this place where you protected me
Saw the way he was affected by you
When you told him I'd accepted
He had a heart that I detected
I got closer, coated up in you